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Chief Consultant : Suresh Lal S D

Started career in the year of 1989 after completing the B. Tech studies in College of Engineering, Trivandrum (commonly known as CET). Fascinated by Vaastu, he studied Vaastu and other ancient knowledge systems in construction practices. Give advises to construct Holistic Buildings.

Implemented the usage of CADD in preparing plans in 1990 with AutoCAD version 2.

Als0 Specialized in  Fengshui, Bau Biology etc. Constructed thousands of homes and hundreds of commercial buildings in India and abroad. Wrote three books in Malayalam. Fenshui Nityajeevithathil (DC Books 2015),  Jeevanulla Kettidangal (DC Books 2007),  Kettidom Paniyum Munpe (Lipi Books, 2005) & Realestate keralathil (Keralascan publisters, 2006).  Manages which is dedicated to the construction and engineering community in India.

* Member of the Institution of Egineers (I), Calcutta
* Fellow of the Institution of Valuers, New Delhi
* Member of the International Institution of Bau-Biologists, California, USA
* Member of International Vedic Vaastu Institute, New Delhi
* Approved A class design Engineer – Govt of Kerala, Dept. of Urban Affairs.



Suresh Lal  S   D

B.Tech, MBA, PGDCA, C. Eng(I), MIE, FIV
Cell: 9895077716
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