What is Holistic Buildings?

What is holistic buildings?

Holistic buildings are normal buildings only. In short it will resemble the old traditional vintage homes. These type of vintage buildings were constructed in harmony with the nature. Without applying much technologies, engineering skills and much complications. They were really cool and suitable to the financial capability of each family. The rich and the poor were happily lived in their homes. They were 'homes' and not simply 'buildings'.

What are the differences between an ordinary building and a holistic building?

Ordinary buildings are constructed based on the availability of space as per code compliance of local bodies. Plot selection is not carefully done and surrounding factors are normally neglected. The location of the rooms and the surrounding details will be planned based on the fancies and sentiments of the Designer. In holistic buildings, it will be controlled by a set of ancient codes and practices which were proven good for generations. Vaastu is one among them which was followed in Indian and nearby countries. Feng Shui is another ancient metaphysical science which was followed by millions in China, Singapore, Malasia etc. These two sciences are ancient and ages back to 3 millennium or more. These buildings carried the harmonic living concepts and the culture to the present. The existence of numerous structures by overcoming the climatic effects for centuries remains an evidence of their holistic knowledge levels.

Baubiology is another modern science which deals with the life of buildings. In this concept, all the buildings possess life as another living organisms. This science evolved in Germany and it is prudent in nature. Even though all sort of harmful modern factors are around us, we should keep safe and careful distance from those killing factors such as electrical fields, electromagnetic fields and harmful air quality in and around. Baubiology advises us to keep ourselves a safe distance with proper vigilance and awareness. Designing a home is very important now a days. Vaastu, Feng Shui and other ancient Sciences will fail in the modern scenario. There were no such harmful radiations present in those periods while those sciences were evolved.

Harmful earth radiations such as Curry lines emanating from the basement of the building is highly dangerous.

Some noxious gases such as Barium and Methane will be released from some part of the earth will definitely put our life in danger. Home construction is an art and science too. In the science part, we should give importance to all other factors which are now gauged with modern equipment.

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