My 4th book – Feng Shui in Daily Life “FengShui Nityajeevithathil”

This is my 4th book and the 2nd book published through DC Books, Kottayam.

This book contains all necessary information to a common man, how to setup things in and around him based on FengShui – the great Chines Vaastu. It extensively cover the FengShui needs of a person in his/her routine life. The tips given in this book can be practised on your daily life with little care and observation towards the affects and results. based on this book, the author has put his maximum efforts to compile all the ordinary FengShui artefacts and how to use them to activate the luck and fortune! Your personal directions based on your Kua Number is very important. The basic philosophy of the art and science of placements is also analysed to give the reader till what extend these metaphysical sciences may help in boosting the LUCK factor!


This book contains 100+ number of photos, images and charts for easy understanding.

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Cover Page – Front “FengShui Nityajeevithathil”


Inner Page 1 “Fengshui nityajeevithathil”


Inner Page 2 “FengShui Nithyajeevithathil”


Rear Cover Page “FengShui Nityajeevithathil”

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