Vaastu Sashtra

Vaastu’ is the study of  ‘vas’. (‘Vas’ is a Sanskrit word means ‘place to dwell’).  It is beleived to be originated from Brahma, the God of Creations. Through generations of  Sages and Munis  this knowlwdge system has been transferred to mankind. In ancient period it was used as a code of ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ in the construction practice on the basis of the belief system.

This holistic science helps us to create homes and offices in tune with the surroundings and in harmony with the nature. It is a meta physical edifice science manipulates geography, topography and environment to channel positive energies and prevent imbalance. Vaastu Shastra is a science that gives guidelines for the construction of house by establishing harmony with the environment, the eight direction and five fundamental elements in particular direction of their merits, so as to make that premises and its inhabitants an extension of the surrounding environment. As a science, it incorporates principles of architecture, sculpture and construction so as to capture all the positive effects of nature. The ultimate aim of Vaastukala to use these recourses to construct a proper home that is more than just a dwelling place but as a home that will determine the laws of peaceful co-existence.

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