Vaastu and Interior Decoration


Decoration of the house is equally important as house construction. A house is meant not merely for occupying, it must be charming enough to bring the occupant back to it. It must be sweet enough so as one must be eager to return to his home. Fulfillment of the expectations, orderliness and pleasing arrangements are the beauty of a house. Interior decoration helps a lot in attaining these targets. Interior decoration is the arrangements of the inner space for maximum benefit of the users for a pleasant and peaceful stay at home. There are several factors to be considered while decorating a home.
1.    Rasas (emotional feelings) in the rooms.
2.    Displays
3.    Furnishings
4.    Furniture
5.    Lighting the rooms
6.    Painting works
7.    Adjusting the sounds.
Why we depend on Vaasthu for decorating the houses ? The `Vaasthu art’ and the interior decoration are complementary to each other. Residential building, being a Prayojaka Vaasthu  (functional Vaasthu), the decoration of the interior and exterior must be planned according to the functional efficiency of the needs of the occupants.
Just as Vaasthu purusha mandalam of any plot, there is such an auspicious consideration for every room. ie., every room has got its own Vaasthu purusha Mandalam. The household gadgets and furniture etc. may be arranged in such a way that a right type of balance and coordination is established between each other.
         Air                |                     Water
Learning Powers    |              Intelligence
  Earth               |                     Fire
                Dominance        |            Energy Consuming
A brief account of the Vaasthu directions regarding the Interior decoration is as follows:

2. Directions

2.1 The Main door
The main door should be beautiful and attractive. It should have auspicious symbols of any religious beliefs depicted on it. (eg: Om, Swatika, Waterpot, Ganesha, Jesus, Allah etc ). The ground in front of the door and the passage leading to the main door must be clean and tidy.
2.2    Meditation room
The ideal location of the meditation room is the Ishanya (North East). Meditation or prayer can be conducted facing either North, East. (Never face South). Damaged idols and pictures of the dead should not be placed in the meditation room. The sanctity of this room must be maintained always.
2.3    Kitchen
The kitchen can be arranged in the South East or North East. The house wife should face east direction while cooking. The drinking water pot or water sources can be set in the North side or North east corner. Condiments, flour, pickles, pulses, rice etc. should be in the Southern part of the kitchen. Fridge, mixer etc should be at the South east. There is a belief that while cooking, the back of the house wife should not be towards the Kitchen door.
2.4    Pictures
Pictures help in building the character; hence pictures that may create bad effects should not be used in houses. Pictures of deities, great aspiring men and natural scenery can be duly arranged inside a house. Pictures to be avoided are scenes of battles, crying or tearful pictures,  cruel animals or birds,  the wounded, accidents, dead bodies, conflagration (forest fire), earth quakes etc. These pictures will create fear, trouble, insecurity and grief to the occupants.
2.5    Cash and ornaments
Cash and ornaments should be kept in the safe built on the south wall of the chamber in the north and middle of the house. One should face south while the safe is operated.
2.6    Telephone and television
Try to place the TVs and telephones on the South east corners, since this direction is ruled by fire (Agni). There is a belief that we should not keep water near a telephone.
2.7    Study room
The study room is to be located on the North West. In order to create a befitting cultural atmosphere in the study room, inspiring pictures or real pictures of great men, the Goddess of Saraswati or words of knowledge must be put up. The other beliefs related to study are (a) A mirror should not be kept in the study table and the table should not touch the walls.  Water picture may be kept in the North east. Books may be kept in the west or south west  or south sides. While studying, one should face North.
2.8    Drawing room
The furniture and gadgets must be placed near the South or West of the rooms. The north and east areas should be free. The furniture should not touch the walls. A minimum gap of 6″ (15 cm) should be provided between the wall and the furniture. TV must be in the South east corner and a minimum distance of 10 feet (3.0 m) should be kept by the viewer from the TV.
2.9    The Dining Room
It is believed that facing east direction while eating is auspicious. The dining table should not be elliptical or hexagonal. The back of the chair should not be triangular in the upper portion. In Japan even today the Indian style is adopted and they sit on the floor for eating with an 18″ (45 cm) high dining table. This is good for digestion of food from the yoga point of view as well. It is better to revive our old style system of eating with sitting on a floor wooden seat.
2.10    Bed rooms
The South west room can be used as the master bed room for the family head. Sleep keeping the head either in East or in South directions. One should not keep his head or feet to the main door or the door of the bed room. Broken mirrors or generally mirrors with reflection of the bed are not believed to be auspicious. Pictures of deities should not be kept in the bedroom.
2.11    Latrines or bath rooms
Never place latrines or bath rooms in the North east. It may be built in the South or in the West. Toilets below the staircases are also not good. If unavoidable, bath rooms can be provided under the stairs. Toilet seats must be placed in the South side of the toilet such a way that one may face north during action.

3    Colour schemes

According to Vaasthu, colours have a psychological effect in human mind, hence only sober, charming and serene colours should be used in the house. Vaasthu has given recognition to  white, light blue, deep red and saffron colours. The entrance of a house must be painted with white, light blue or deep green. No red colours allowed here. Cream or light or sober colours are proper for the study room. It is good to paint the dining room with light green;  white is the best colour for bed room even though yellow or pink or light blue are used.
The colour schemes in accordance with the direction of the house and the zodiac sign of the house owner is as follows:
Direction               Representative Planet              Colours permitted
East                             Sun                                                     Bright white
West                           Saturn                                                 Blue
North                          Mercury                                              All shades of green
South                          Mars                                                    Olive green, red, pink
North East                  Jupiter                                                 Golden yellow
South west                 Rahu                                                    All shades of green
South East                  Venus                                                  Silvery white
North west                 Luna                                                    Pearly white, light yellow
(Only the prime directions are used for house construction as per Vaasthu, for room decorations, this color code can be followed)
Depending on the Zodiac sign of the House Owner the following colours are recommended. This may individually used by each member of the House for their bed rooms also.
Sl No                    Zodiac sign                                Colours usable
1                                 Aries                                                     Olive green, red
2                                 Taurus                                                  Milky white
3                                 Gemini                                                 Green
4                                 Cancer                                                 Pink, pearly white
5                                 Leo                                                       Various colour and shades or green
6                                 Virgo                                                    Cement shade, milky white
7                                 Libra                                                     Cement shade, milky white
8                                 Scorpio                                                 Olive green, red, pink
9                                 Sagittarius                                            Golden yellow
10                               Capricorn                                             Light red, cement shade
11                               Aquarius                                               Blue, pink or cement shade
12                               Pisces                                                    Yellow, bright white

4. References

1)    Vaasthu -The art and science of Living – Er. Aswini Kumar (Sterling Publishers, 2003)
2)    Periodicals on Vaasthu Sasthra.
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