‘Vaastu’ is the study of ‘vas‘. (‘Vasis a Sanskrit word means ‘place to dwell’). Based on Indian mythology, Vaastu is believed to be originated from Brahma, the God of Creations. Through generations of Sages and Munis this knowledge system has been transferred to us. In ancient period it was simply a code of ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ in the construction practice on the basis of the belief system existed in India. This bye-laws were followed strictly till Bharath started ruled by invaders. Now in the current era of free living, we are admiring this is the greatest contribution our ancestors left for us and for the rest of the world!

Recently people show interest in this subject and and try to follow Vaastu for their construction activities. We share and propagate the right information only. We do not support any kind of superstition or misguiding information. Being a person with strong technical background, engineering qualification and vast construction experience in India and abroad, it is my duty to share my acquired knowledge.

Thank you for visiting the website and a lot of direct information is hidden in various pages of this website.  I am sorry that some of the pages (mostly publications) are in Malayalam. You can expect the translation sooner. Please do not forget to drop your comments/ questions/ business enquiries. That will be encouragement to blog more and more

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